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Last Update: December 18, 2011

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Welcome to!

Here's the long awaited update – with emphasis on the word long since it's been about a year since the last update. The quarterly updates have seem to turned into annual updates – those with children will understand!

A great deal has happened since last December: both kids are in school, Charlie is a Mr. Mom at night, and Sharon is two-thirds through culinary school!

Our email address is still with AOL and unchanged:

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The Kids

The Kids

The Kids

The Kids

The Kids
These past 12 months have been quite busy for us.

Cameron graduated from VPK in June and followed that up with a kindergarten enrollment this past August. His favorite pastime right now is playing anthing electronic: Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Nook! Remarkably, we do get him to do some reading from time to time! He's still into cars, soccer, and basketball, and he just celebrated his 6th birthday with a Chuck E. Cheese party!

Samantha has had a pretty healthy year. She started pre-school in August, but she'd much rather stay home and play with mommy. Her formal title is Princess Samantha – just ask her! – and her royal court includes the Disney Princesses, even a Sleeping Beauty doll to sleep with. She's a budding artist, performing solo concerts for us!

Sharon is still in school and loving it – and doing great as well! She started culinary college in January 2011 at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, FL. She does bring some of her "work" home – the family thoroughly enjoyed her bread courses!

Charlie mans the homefront with the kids at night while the Mrs. is at school. And he thought his day job was difficult!
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A continuing feature to the site – a quick picture slide show of something recent and interesting for us.

This set of pictures is from Cameron and Samantha's most recent visit to see Santa Claus at a local mall. This sequence mirrors the experiences from the last two years, except this year Samantha bravely and pleasantly sat on Santa's lap! Looking back, here's the best picture of 2009 and the best picture of 2010.

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Continuing with this site's video feature – on every update we'll put a new video up. It will most likely be of the kids, of course!

This time around another two new videos! One is from the summer with the kids hamming it up for the camera and the other is of Halloween 2011!

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 August 9, 2011
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 October 31, 2011

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1. In early December 2011, we visited the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom! The kids loved it, plus they got to meet a lot of their favorite people too.
2. In 2010 we converted from a Christmas Card to a Christmas Letter. It worked out so well we decided to do it again in 2011! So here are the 12th and 13th installments of an annual Stewart tradition.
2010 Christmas Card   2011 Christmas Card
3. The exterior of our house is slowly growing with holiday decorations and lights with each year that goes by!
2011 Stewart House Outside   2011 Stewart House Outside   2011 Stewart House Outside   2011 Stewart House Outside   2011 Stewart House Outside
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Recent Events

Sharon attends the Zuri family picnic in Pittsburgh, PA – and what a large & lovely family it is! Notice the Z-shaped family picture!
  Click on: Updated on 07/23/2011.

Cameron graduates from VPK! And has two graduation ceremonies to celebrate it!
  Click on: Updated on 06/08/2011.

Back on April 7th of 2010 Charlie hit the ripe old age of 40. He's older than dirt now! Sharon and he celebrated with friends at Charlie's favorite local Italian restaurant.
  Click on: Updated on 04/10/2010.

Sharon ventures into the world of official Soccer Mom – she later tackles actually coaching! As Soccer Mom, Sharon hosted the end-of-season party where the trophies were given out and many soccer cookies eaten!
  Click on: Updated on 11/07/2009.

We celebrate Samantha's 1st birthday while on vacation close to home in Orlando, FL. Our Pittsburgh family joins us in the celebration as we party in the pool and at the local theme parks!
  Click on: Updated on 06/05/2009.

Charlie's niece Kayla's 1st communion – what a darling little angel she is! Charlie and Cameron take a road-trip to NYC from PA to attend.
  Click on: Updated on 05/02/2009.

Samantha Kathryn is baptized at St. Sebastian's Church in Pittsburgh, PA, with a reception that followed for family and friends. A special thanks to the godparents, Tina & Joe!
  Click on: Updated on 04/25/2009.

Sharon's baby sprinkle took place at a local favorite of ours, Louie & Maria's Restaurant. A good time was had by all!
  Click on: Updated on 05/10/2008.

Charlie's work sends him on a very important business trip. He lucked out – it's in Hawaii!
  Click on: Updated on 08/19/2007.

9/11 FDNY Hero

A tribute to our friend Jimmy Pappageorge. He will forever be in our loving memories.
  Click on: Updated on 12/23/2001.

There is a memorial bench placed in Jimmy Pappageorge's honor on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. The bench is placed between Riverside & Edward Streets – between light posts #59 and #60. It is right by the volleyball nets where he loved playing, where we all gathered, and now, where we can sit and contemplate the great, long-lasting memories we all built together...
  Click on: Jimmy's Bench Jimmy's Bench Jimmy's Bench

Here is a picture of a plaque for Jimmy at the Ground Zero site.
  Click on: Jimmy's Plaque

Here are TV screenshots from the 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial:
  Click on: Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name Jimmy's Name

If you happen to be a member of facebook, that's great because we have a facebook page. Actually, it's Sharon's – so look her up!

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