New York City
Here are media publications in which Jimmy is mentioned or pictured:

Entertainment Weekly "Local Heroes"
Letter From The President & The Editor

Six friends who answered the call.     by Daniel Fierman
Entertainment Weekly, #617, September 28, 2001
Rolling Stone "A Pivot Upon Which We Will View Our Future"
Letter From The Editor

by Jann S. Wenner
Rolling Stone, Issue 880, October 25, 2001
Men's Journal "The Brotherhood"
Editor's Letter

Ten thousand men are ready to save your life at any cost.   Think about it.     by Sid Evans
Men's Journal, November 2001
Orlando Sentinel "American Heroes"
Hero: Any person admired for courage, nobility or exploits.
Orlando Sentinel, September 25, 2001
NBC's Third Watch "In Their Own Words"
NBC Television
Third Watch, October 15, 2001
Men's Journal "The Lives Lost"
Behind the brutal statistics of the WTC death toll, five stories of everyday guys who were readers of this magazine and who tried to live the best lives they could.     by The Editors
Men's Journal, January 2002
Entertainment Weekly "Hope For The Holidays"
Letter From The President

The friends and family of New York City's Engine 23 come together for a very special Christmas celebration.     by John Squires
Entertainment Weekly, #631/632, December 21/28, 2001
New York Daily News Death Notices
New York Daily News, December 14, 2001
New York Daily News "Saying Goodbye: Tributes To A Special Man"
Firefighter is recalled as hero with big heart.    
by Warren Woodberry Jr. and Owen Moritz
New York Daily News, December 15, 2001
New York Post "Rookie Firefighter Died 'Doing What He Loved'"
In Memoriam.     by Todd Venezia
New York Post, December 15, 2001
ATO Palm "September 11"
by Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
Alpha Tau Omega Palm, Spring, 2002

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