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December 2010
1. On May 14, 2010, the space shuttle Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center for the last time. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful take-off. Here are some pictures from our backyard.
2. It's hard to recall the 2009 holidays now, but thought it would be a good reminder to show The Stewart's Christmas Card from that year! It was the 11th installment of an annual tradition, and be on the lookout for the 12th in 2010!
2009 Christmas Card
3. Sharon is still baking here and there – whenever the kids give her a moment to do it! Here are some pictures of three of her latest efforts: a birthday car cake, soccer cookies, and an anniversary cake.

August 2009
1. If you remember our last Christmas card you'll recall that, "Santa's now on the hook for a swing-n-slide." Well, Santa finally came through around the July 4th holiday. The kids love it, even in the Florida heat!
2. These weren't Cameron's first park rides ever, but they were definitely the fastest rides he's ever been on. He did get a little scared on each: Epcot's Test Track and Sea World's Shamu Express.
Cameron @ Epcot's Test Track Cameron @ Sea World's Shamu Express
3. Sharon's Bakery Box is still alive and kicking. Here Sharon baked a special cake for a friend's daughter's sweet sixteen party. Sharon took lots of pictures of her masterpiece!

April 2009
1. The 2008 holidays – so distant now! – brought a new version of The Stewart's Christmas Card! It was the 10th installment of an annual tradition which gets harder and harder to create each year!
2008 Christmas Card
2. Samantha's first Christmas, and Cameron's third birthday! December is always going to be a busy month for us. Samantha was quite peaceful with Santa, but Cameron would not sit on Santa's lap – that's why he's out in front!
Christmas Card 2008 Photo Cameron Turning 3! Samantha with Santa Cameron & Samantha with Santa

October 2008
1. Here is Samantha's official hospital photograph and the announcement we sent out.   The hospital picture is at 6-weeks old, the announcement at 4-weeks old.   Cameron's are also here.
Cameron's Hospital Picture - 2 weeks Samantha's Hospital Picture - 6 weeks Samantha's Baby Announcement Cameron's Baby Announcement
2. Samantha's first Halloween, and Cameron's third!   Samantha and Daddy hand treats out to the neighborhood kids while Cameron and Mommy go house-to-house trick-o-treating!   Cameron brought home a bunch of stuff we need to hide!
Cameron's 2008 Halloween Costume Samantha's 2008 Halloween Costume

July 2008
1. Here is Samantha's birth announcement in the Orlando Sentinel – exactly one month after her birth!
Samantha's Orlando Sentinel 1 Samantha's Orlando Sentinel 2
2. Sharon's was thrown a sprinkle – a small baby shower (get it?) – by her good friend Darian.   Here's the lovely invite for the lovely occasion at a local Italian restaurant.
Orlando Baby Sprinkle Invite

April 2008
1. In case you don't know by now, yes, we're expanding the family with another little Stewart!   Sharon is in her 18th week of the pregnancy, and this time around things are very different than when she carried Cameron.   That's not a bad thing, it's just different!   The due date for this baby is August 8th – which is pretty cool if it holds true because then the date of birth would be 08-08-08!   And we just found out the sex of the baby...IT'S A GIRL!   Here are the sonogram pictures:
December 17, 2007   Baby 12-17-2007 1 Baby 12-17-2007 2 Baby 12-17-2007 3 Baby 12-17-2007 4
January 28, 2008   Baby 01-28-2008 1 Baby 01-28-2008 2 Baby 01-28-2008 3
March 6, 2008   Baby 03-06-2008 1 Baby 03-06-2008 2 Baby 03-06-2008 3 Baby 03-06-2008 4 Baby 03-06-2008 5 Baby 03-06-2008 6 Baby 03-06-2008 7
May 17, 2008   Baby 05-17-2008 1
2. We recently took Cameron to meet some of his favorite television friends.   Where else?   Walt Disney World!   He drove in a race car, and met Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Darby – he wasn't too shy with them but he was a little star struck!   He definitely had a great time!
CamJam CamJam CamJam

January 2008
1. The 2007 holidays brought a new version of The Stewart's Christmas Card!   This year is the 9th installment of annual poetic genius – NOT!
2007 Christmas Card
2. We finally took some professional pictures of our family.   It's a rare thing to have the three of us in a single shot!   Also, here's Cameron's Christmas picture with Santa – contrary to what the picture shows, he wasn't as thrilled with Santa!
Stewart Family Portrait Cameron Portrait Cameron 2007 Christmas

October 2007
1. Cameron's second Halloween is here, and he's ready to go trick-or-treating....again!   After watching mom cook in the kitchen, he's ready to help out as her apprentice!
Cameron's 2007 Halloween Costume
2. Friends of ours have started a very neat business – it's called Baby Cake Boutique , and they create home-baked diaper cakes!   For those you looking for a great baby shower or pregnancy gift, check out these adorable centerpieces!
Baby Cake Boutique

July 2007
1. In April, Charlie had the honor of visiting the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   It was a very solemn and emotional site, despite that its historic significance took place over 60 years ago.   The memorial is the only place where the American flag flies 24-hours a day, every day of the year.
Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
2. Our softball team finally won the big one!   Our team, named and sponsored by Gator's Dockside, beat a previously undefeated team twice to win the Spring '07 league championship.   After over a decade of trying, it was way long overdue!
Softball Champions, Spring 2007

January 2007
1. The holidays mean a new version of The Stewart's Christmas Card!   This year is the 8th installment of what started out as a cute idea – now it's a load of work every Christmas!
2006 Christmas Card
2. Just in case you weren't on the Christmas card list for years past, here are the other 7 versions for our holiday cards.
2005 Christmas Card 2004 Christmas Card 2003 Christmas Card 2002 Christmas Card 2001 Christmas Card 2000 Christmas Card 1999 Christmas Card
( If you're not on our list, it's most likely because we don't have your address – because we send out to everyone!   So please send it to us. )

October 2006
1. Cameron's first Halloween is coming up, and he's ready to go trick-or-treating.   Check out his first outfit – you'll want to give him a big KISS!
Cameron's KISS Costume
2. Talk about a birds-eye view!   Here's a recent picture of our house and the surrounding area – taken from a satellite.   Thanks to
House Satellite Picture

July 2006
1. Check out three generations of C. Stewart!   Charlie never got a chance to meet his paternal grandfather, but he was also a C. Stewart.
Three Generation C. Stewarts
2. At the christening reception, there were lovely Godiva chocolate favors with the boys' names and the christening date.   Here's a sample – too bad you can't taste it online!
Party Favor

April 2006
1. Here is Cameron's birth announcement in the Orlando Sentinel – two months after his birth!
Orlando Sentinel 1 Orlando Sentinel 2
2. Cameron and his cousin, Patrick, will be baptized in New York.   Sharon did a great job with the christening invites.   Here's how the invitations turned out:
Baptism Invite

January 2006
1. Here is Cameron's official hospital photograph and the announcement we sent out.   The hospital picture is at 2-weeks old, the announcement at 3-weeks old.
Cameron's Hospital Picture - 2 weeks Cameron's Baby Announcement
2. At least we managed to finish the baby's room in time.   Not that he spends too much time in there these days!   Here's what the room looks like furnished:
Baby's Room 1 New Baby's Room 2 New Baby's Room 3 New Baby's Room 4 New

October 2005
1. Cue the drum's a boy!   Sharon has had many sonograms, so right off the bat, our baby has been well photographed!   And the boy-part has been confirmed several times!
Baby 08-26-2005 1 Baby 08-26-2005 2 Baby 08-26-2005 5 Baby 08-30-2005 1 Baby 08-30-2005 2 Baby 08-30-2005 3 Baby 08-30-2005 4 Baby 09_05-2005 2 Baby 09_05-2005 3 Baby 09_15-2005 Baby 09_28-2005 1 Baby 09_28-2005 3 Baby 09_28-2005 4
2. Even though she's on bed rest and cannot attend, Sharon is being thrown two baby showers: one in Pittsburgh and the other in Orlando.   As a result, Charlie spent 6 hours registering alone at the Baby's R Us for everything – literally everything!
Pittsburgh Baby Shower Invite Orlando Baby Shower Invite Baby's R Us

July 2005
1. Our baby's first picture!   Of course, it's a real early sonogram image taken at 6 weeks.   Sort of looks like a jelly bean!
Baby At 6 Weeks
2. Continuing with the baby theme, here are pictures of the baby's future bedroom.   The bedroom is empty at the moment, but the painting and chair rail are complete.
Baby's Room 1 Baby's Room 2 Baby's Room 3 Baby's Room 4
3. Sharon's Bakery Box is not just all about cakes – there are cookies involved here too!   If you want to order some, Sharon will get it to you!   Here is the cookie price sheet:
Cookie Price Sheet

April 2005
1. Sharon has started a new baking division of S-Squared Marketing, and it's called Sharon's Bakery Box.   Here are some of her recent cakes:
Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3 Cake 4
2. Our niece Nicole gave us a homework assignment called Flat Stanley.   It's a long story, but read how we welcomed Nicole's friend to our home.
Flat Stanley
3. Charlie is now on Xbox Live!   However, the only game he seems to play these days is Halo 2. So if any of you are interested, look for his Xbox Live gamertag, Charlie WP, when you go live!

January 2005
1. Sharon started her own company.   She has a website in progress, and her company logos are:
S-Squared Marketing
2. Check out a LEGO version of our house at Stewart LEGO House.   The company, Burik Model Design (, decided to put our LEGO model on their website under the residential homes section.   For our actual house website, click here: Stewart House.
3. We had a banner year for hurricanes in 2004!  We survived it, but it was a mess down here for lots of people.   Here are some hurricane pictures:
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
Click here for a PowerPoint file on the effects of Hurricane Charley.  

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